Discipleship begins with an introduction.  One cannot follow Christ without knowing Him.  We pursue creative ways to offer men a place to gather where they may hear the good news about salvation through Christ.  These are our OUTREACH events. 

Discipleship to maturity implies growth.  To achieve GROWTH one must know the Word of God.  That knowledge comes through individual study or in group settings.  It also helps to have accountability with others who are on the journey.  We offer  opportunities for one-on-one teaching/mentoring, small groups, and seminar type experiences with the goal of helping people know Christ in a deeper way. 

Discipleship produces action.  A mature follower of Christ acts differently as that person seeks to display the love of God to the world.  People make a difference when they personally get involved in the needs of others.  We offer opportunities for SERVICE by partnering with and walking alongside a variety of ministries throughout Houston.

Jesus’ last words before returning to Heaven were that we should go to all nations making disciples. We at The Gathering take that command to heart — actively putting into practice strategic means for reaching men in the Houston area. We disciple men to maturity in Christ.
— Roger Wernette